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We are appreciated by customers worldwide
The company has a team with great experience, enthusiasm for work and hunger for new challenges. As a result, our products are appreciated by customers both at home and abroad.

What characterizes Proof Steel? 

We are not a company that processes order with no regard towards the customer. Each client is a new challenge and experience for us.

We are a company specializing in the production of steel structures, the main product of our company are transport racks produced for the glass and stone industry

Building long-term cooperation with your contractors. Company based on trust, professionalism and product reliability.
Our priority indicator is the quality of our product. We want our products to be made of the best possible certified steel to ensure the longevity of the product.


Each of our products undergoes a detailed inspection before reaching the customer. Thanks to our verification system, we have not received any returns.

Why do customers recommend working with us?

Regardless of the size and sophistication of the project, we base every collaboration on 3 pillars.

Individual approach

It doesn't matter whether the order is small or large. Every client is equally important to us. We focus on long-term cooperation, so we always deliver the best quality and service.

Assistance in adjusting the product

Our expertise has already helped many of our customers make significant savings while maintaining the same quality. That is why we are happy to share our ideas and experience.

Test product

If you would like to check whether a product made by us will meet your requirements, you can order a test product. Just get in touch with us!

24 hours – this is the average time it takes us to quote an order 

On average, each customer will receive a quote from us within 24 hours after completing the quotation form or calling us.
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